Monday, December 1, 2008


I think this merits a little post.

Apparently I ruffled some feathers with my blog post about wolves in Paris! I'm relieved to know the "literal police" are on patrol, and this is what they have to say:

"False alarm.

1) This appears to be an Alaskan Malamute - not a wolf.

2) Another reason I know it's not a wolf: No one could casually walk a normal wolf (even a "tame" wolf) around big-city streets on a leash. A wolf is an extremely wary and timid animal, and it would soon panic at the noise, traffic and crowds of a city street.

I worked with wolves for some years."

"yes ma'am this is not a wolf i may be just a kid but i have studied wolves you 8 years.
its face is small and if you look closly you can see the difference in the size face.
go to this link and see.
please i mean no harm don't be upset.
thank you"

Good news all around!
First of all, I have random readers?
Second of all, I'm safe from wolves!
Third, people are so wonderfully crazy!

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