Sunday, February 15, 2009

No, YOU'RE Acting Dump!

Again, my previous post on "wolves" in Paris has incited lively feedback from a wolf enthusiast somewhere in the world. I must share this:

"Forgive me ms., but you're just fooling yourself with all this crap.

First of all, it's clearly not a wolf. You're afraid of something you even don't know..

And besides, did you still fear "the big bad wolf" from those childish stories? I just can't belive it..

I've got an idea for you. Learn more about this animal you fear so much, maybe you'll realize how dump you're acting right now.

Good day to you."

And good day to you, sir! 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I feel like you think it's like absurd and crazy that people are getting defensive about you're little post thingy about wolves. Let me explain.
In case it wasn't clear from responses before, no sane person is afraid of leashed fluffy dogs. At least not afraid enough to protest as a concerned citizen. It just doesn't make sense that someone would think there was anything to be concerned about. Most of the world knows this. Most of the world knows what a damn husky is.

Irrational fears are one thing, self-righteous judgement another. People were just trying to let you know how irrational and strange your article sounded. And judgey. I mean honestly, the only person that agreed with you said if you got within 8ft. of a wolf it would tear your arm out.The dissenters seemed to be fairly nice, considering some of them had pets that you basically accused of being blood-lusting rabid baby-killers.

PS- You articles picture pops up in the first couple pages of google images, which is, I'm guessing, why you're getting "random readers." I thought that was the point of broadcasting your views, but if you want to keep it private, I would change the title of the image. I think a lot of people click it wondering why it's captioned as a wolf.


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