Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feral Girl

I am back in Paris! 

Since I've been away, my hard drive exploded, causing me to lose all of my data--including all writing. As you can imagine, I now feel incredibly technologically "unencumbered." What's a year's worth of work, anyway? 

In other more important news, a few friends have implied that I remind them of this recently discovered "feral siberian girl."  I am honored. 

Speaking of which, that cat I used to hang out with never comes around anymore. Maybe I'll look for him tomorrow. 

1 comment:

Le Gnome de Magique said...

i can't say i've met many feral russian girls named natasha. i was in paris for a night on saturday. had fine foods and drank a bottle of wine on the seine, coercing two french guys and two french girls to let me smoke their hashish. it was a beautiful night in the city and the river was jammed with kids having a good time. i could have stayed there all night.


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