Monday, July 6, 2009

Paris---> Montreal

After a splendid year in the City of Light, I have traded Paris for Montreal (the Paris of Canada). This has been a slightly traumatizing experience.

What I've lost: cheap delicious wine, bridges, parks, sunset at 10:30pm, interesting street style, tiny dogs everywhere, daily interactions with insane hobos, fondue-peddling neighbors, Velibs, cultural refinement, green markets, cobblestones, cigarette smoke, joie de vivre.

What I've gained: rugged Canadian attitude, "quality" time with my cat Sprocket, coniferous trees.

If anyone is still reading this, I can't believe it, but thank you! Moveable Beast is not necessarily done forever, but it will be changing forms.

My quarter-life crisis may be on the move but, luckily for you, it's still going strong!


Carrie M said...

Don't forget about the poutine! It's wonderful and disgusting at the same time!

Meina said...

don't stop writing! you make my day.

Gillian said...

I'm still here. Looking forward to the next chapter toho.

Amanda Mattei said...

Post a picture of Sprocket please. By now that young hussy must be an old floosy.

Anonymous said...

Hi I found your blog looking for a Montreal-based French band. I am french and lived in Montreal for a year, reading your comments makes me think of me when I was there. You'll love it very quickly, it's less sophisticated and life is more simple. The music scene is amazing, there are none like it! And if you miss Paris, just go to the Plateau, the whole French community is perched up there.


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