Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where to live...

Karl Lagerfeld shooting a Chanel ad on Orchard Street last week

It's disconcerting how often I think of Paris (every 15-20 minutes), even though I've been back in New York for almost a month. Everything that strikes me here leads to an automatic comparison: "That would never happen in Paris," "That's sort of like what happened in Paris, except..."

I think it's time for me to give New York a break. And Paris a break, for that matter. Tonight, over drinks (Cote du Rhone... duh), a friend said to me: "These are not boyfriends; they're cities." And it's true. I talk about both New York and Paris as if I'm dating them, as if they're supposed to be living up to some expectation, accommodating me somehow. The truth is, I'm lucky to have lived in either place. I'm lucky to have jumped between them. And whatever comes next, it's safe to say, I'm lucky to experience it.

That said, if I had to choose a city as my boyfriend, it's Paris all the way. Sorry, New York.


parisbreakfast said...

so with you on that even 2 yrs en retard
NYC is becoming more and more inhumane in my opinion
I hate being an object in other ppls way here.

Where are you now?

Tory said...

Ha -- I'm still in New York too! But potentially returning to Paris this summer to live. We'll see...


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