Monday, April 26, 2010

Impulse Buy

Winter sunset in Belleville.

I've done it again: bought a plane ticket to Paris in a fitful moment of impulse-romanticism-instinct-recklessness-happiness. (I know better than to try to disentangle those emotions by now). They're all part and parcel of a larger force that keeps pulling me back to Paris. This is the third time in the past two years that I've found myself buying a ticket in the middle of the night, and it's looking like it won't be the last. In fact, I'd be quite happy to think that this adrenaline-fueled, late-night ticket-purchasing habit will become a regular occurrence in my life. Better than sleep-walking out of a window, right?

It's inevitable really, seeing as my heart is a magnet and Paris is its polar opposite. Or maybe my stomach is the magnet, and St. Marcellin is its polar opposite. Or maybe my closet is a magnet, and Le Bon Marché is its polar opposite? Who cares.

No matter, I'm going back to Paris a month from today. I wonder what kind of outfits the Parisian dogs are sporting this season, and when the peaches and cherries will start rolling into the markets, and what time the sun is setting these days, and what kind of random, cracked-out adventures await me. Rest assured, I'll keep you posted.


UrbanDoggs said...

OMG, I'm going on 5/27. It will be my 1st time. What a co inky dink! :)

Sarah said...

It's definitely the St Marcellin. And the baguettes. And the butter. And... tout!

Andi said...

Mu husband and I do the same thing every year, sometimes twice. Inevitably, we say, "no Paris this year, we need to go other places." That is our heads talking. And a few months into the year our hearts take over and we are buying tickets, which is exactly what we did for our trip coming up this Fall. Sigh, Paris is a cruel master.

c.weill said...

I suffer from the same affliction (Random, usually late-night ticket buying - quite often of the gallic variety).

And Paris sucks me in almost always. Last month we made plans to go to Vegas with friends (yawn), and the second that something came up for them - bam - we bought tickets to Paris instead! Désolé ? Not!

Have great time there. Like your blog, it's nicely written.

Marisa said...

Hahaha Tory you crack me up. I leave Paris in a week after being here for 4 months, and you sound like what I'll sound like when I get home. I freakin love your blog and especially your posts for HiP. Just thought I should tell you as a fellow Paris-obsessed, young blogger that very much appreciates your sense of humor. Have fun in Paris, girl! It's just as woderful/amazing/breathtaking as you left it.



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