Friday, April 2, 2010

Picnic in the Metro

I can't sleep, and on nights like this, my thoughts naturally turn to Parisian vagrants—one of my favorite topics. It's not that I take homelessness lightly; it's just that Paris has such a distinctive and wily set of street-dwellers, I can't help but be amazed, amused, enthralled... whatever you want to call it.

I'm recalling a particular evening about a year ago when I was darting through the Metro and came across a woman who had set up camp on a tiled ledge. She had the usual accoutrements: sleeping bag, clothing layers, a few plastic bags full of stuff. But more importantly, she had set up a little picnic that (among other things) included a glass of rosé. Not only was it in a proper wine glass but, upon closer inspection, seemed to have some kind of garnish going on. Wait... wait a minute... yes... two elegant and very fresh-looking raspberries bobbed in the lovely glass. For a moment, I was genuinely jealous.

Then, reality check. I think it's time for my Paris-goggles to be adjusted when I literally start to envy the cocktails of people who live in the Metro. But she did have quite a spread, and those raspberries...

1 comment:

Anne-Marie said...

no tory- can't let you go there. eating in subways is one of my pet peeves. don't let the bobbing raspberries draw you in!


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