Sunday, September 4, 2011

Are you there, Paris? It's me, Moveable Beast.

Moveable Beast is starting to look very dated compared to all the highfalutin blogs out there these days, but I've always been somewhat of a Luddite, so that's how it will remain.

In the meantime, I am in mega missing-Paris mode, so much so that I can't really bear to read certain books or blogs or see movies for fear that they will evoke this vicious sense of, "Why aren't I there?"

My very own Paris effect has come back to haunt me. So, here and now, I'm vowing to live there again, or as a last resort, to retire there.

Given my current age and life circumstances, I suppose the next logical question is: Is 27 an unreasonable age to retire? How about 30?


Anonymous said...

Yep, i miss being in Paris too, but i also miss your witty repartee.


Jixuan said...

Ah the Paris effect... I am feeling it now.


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